Natural Selling® Sales Training :Lesson #1

Do You Make This Mistake When Talking With Potential Clients Or
Hi zaiful,
Welcome to this 7 part Ecourse.
My name is Michael Oliver.  I’m the founder and principal of
Natural Selling Sales Training.
It is the intention and objective of this Ecourse to help you to
discover 2 things;
1. Why conventional sales thinking, techniques and systems;
  * Are ineffective for most Network Marketers and Direct Sales
  * Actually cause the objections and rejection Network Marketers
  would prefer not to have.
  * Is the reason for the high team and customer attrition rate.
2. How you can do something different or reverse this if you’re
already using techniques and achieve the results for you and your
team by adopting a different approach called the Natural Selling
Each day, for 7 days, you will receive an email with a lesson and
also some short exercises to illustrate the lesson.  You’re
encouraged you to complete those exercises.  They will help you
“absorb and understand” the ideas and concepts that are written
OK, let’s begin!
Lesson #1
The Way You Think and Communicate Will Determine The Way People
Respond To You
Ask yourself this.  What is the greatest fear you might have that
could hold you back from talking with people about your income
opportunity or products?
If you are like most it will be the fear of rejection and
objections and the anxiety that comes with that.
Two Types of Rejection
There are two types of rejection;
1. The flat in your face “Not interested” or “You must be joking”
type of rejection; and
2. The type where someone has looked at your solution and finds
it doesn’t really fit what they need.
The second one can be disappointing but it doesn’t necessarily
feel personal.  So this training program is about item 1 and
understanding the cause of rejection and how to eliminate it by
getting rid of the cause and replacing it with something entirely
The Cause of Rejection
Have you considered that if you do have feelings of anxiety about
talking with people about your Income Opportunity and/or
Products…it could be the way you have chosen to communicate, or
think you have to communicate, that is causing this?
Life is full of choices and what you choose to think, say or do,
will reflect how other people will think, say or do in response
to you.
Let’s start by exploring closely the underlying causes of
rejection and objections.
This is a better approach than just launching off by telling you
what you should do. If we did this, then would you agree that
this training approach would not be any different than all the
standard ones that tell you what to do using techniques and
systems without any explanation as to why?
Besides, if you understand the cause of a problem first, you’re
now in a better position to think and do something different that
will eliminate it.
2 key things to grasp:
1. People do things for their reasons not yours. They are
motivated by their personal interest and own subjective reasons.
You may have heard this referred to as the “What’s In It For Me?”
syndrome; and
2. Most people resist being “told” what to do (even if they ask
you!) or being persuaded to do things, and generally like to
learn and understand before taking action on changing anything.
So it’s important when you hear someone express a problem or
need, want or desire, such as a need for money or good health,
that you’re not tempted to launch in with a “fire hose”
presentation before talking about and discovering why they want
it and the history behind how they came to be in these
There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” presentation that
basically “tells” a person what our solutions are and what they
can do for them.
We are all unique in how we see, hear and feel about things. If
you take the one size fits all view, (usually your view) then
rejection and objections is usually the natural consequence of
The truth is, it doesn’t matter much what you think about your
solutions and whether they are going to work for someone.  What’s
important is what the other person thinks.
So if you start your conversations by overpowering people and
coming up with your solutions too early, most people will
withdraw.  Then you have to resort to using conventional selling
techniques of objection handling, closing and mental strategies
to overcome the rejection you created in the first place! It also
makes selling a “numbers game” of plowing through as many people
as you can that requires a great deal of effort and time.
So it’s important to help people surface what they know and don’t
know and what they want by allowing them to come to their own
Observe your own experiences.  Have you ever been in a situation
where you asked someone for a solution to a problem and they
started with the words, “You know what you should do…?”  Did
you feel resentful or annoyed, even though you asked for help?
If you did, it’s probably because you didn’t feel involved and
your own uniqueness and knowledge was not being acknowledged.
It’s the same for most people.
People like to do things for their reasons not yours!
The Natural Law of Giving
The Law of Giving works like this. What you give is what you get.
Other people’s actions and words are a reflection of your actions
and words. It’s like a smile. If you smile at someone they will
usually smile back. This is the Law of Giving working for you.
However, this natural law can work against you if you put
pressure on others by telling, presenting or persuading people to
do things you want them to do. Result? Most people will tell you
back! How? By one or more of three ways:
1. Rejection
2. Objections
3. Passive Aggression. (When people say they will do something
and don’t!) This is also called “Buyers Remorse”.
In selling, if you want the Law of Giving to work for you and
have people listen to you and your solutions, then listen with
the intent to understand them first.
Tomorrow we will look at how you can do this and build your team
and customers with effortless ease based on solid principles and
methods that work… all the time!  See you tomorrow!
1. Reflect on how you feel when a salesperson, charity solicitor
or telemarketer tries to get you to do something.
2. Think about your reaction when you see an advertisement on TV
or in print.  If you paid attention to it, why is that?
3. If you haven’t done so, listen to a free introduction to
Natural Selling on your computer
Doing these exercises will help you understand and use the
material we will be discussing over the next 6 days.
To your success…
P.S. If you think your friends or team members would find this
course useful in their business, it’s easy to let them know.
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