MLM: Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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Success In 10 Steps

“Home Business Warning: Don’t Get Toasted Like a Pop-Tart!”


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Parts 1 & 2

1. Bottom-Fishing For Heavy Hitters

What Do Your Past & Jimmy Hoffa Have In Common? (This one is SO Obvious!)

You Sometimes Think YOU Are Nuts? Heck … I Joined 100 MLMs!

I Never Realized There Was So Much Stuff I Didn’t Want

And the Lambs Shall Lie Down With The Lions (Cover your eyes to avoid

blood spatters.)

How They Rob You Under The Radar

Bad Blood In Big Companies

Oh, The Questions I Hear!

Network Marketing Deviltry

Why You Should Never Wrestle a Pig

Breast Stroking Across The English Channel

The Monk In The White Lab Coat

Voodoo MLM Economics

Network Marketing Angels … Whoops! Doggoneit! It’s Still More Devils

The Stupidest Lie They ALL Tell You!

Marketing Insanity

Even Your Mirror Lies!

Opportunity Comes On Little Cat’s Feet (Scams use a sledgehammer.)

What The Heck Is Pentacle Leadership?

Hannibal Lecter Missed His Calling

Her Ranch Was The Size of Rhode Island

2. "Look Deep Deep DEEP Into My Eyes!"

Your Business Life Expectancy Is About 45 Minutes

Your Warm Market Has Ice In Their Veins

How To Get Staying Power

Let’s Play Sherlock Holmes

Shocking – The Family Member I Am Driven To Get Even With!

Go Catch Some Cannonballs, Boy!

Your Brain Ain’t Worth Dog Meat (no offense, Fido)

Get Serious!

Some People Wear Me Out

Is YOUR Biscuit Cooked?

3. A BIG Research Surprise

Opportunity Wears a Fake Nose & Mustache

Rabbit’s Foot, Anyone?

How To Catch Flies

Give Your Prospects a Puppy

The Man Who Stared Down IBM

Your Best, Cheapest Solution

The Bad News

The Good News

“Heart” Decisions vs. “Head” Decisions

4. Get "Down ‘n Dirty" in MLM

Network Marketing Is NOT What They Tell You

The Knife In The Heart

Have Some WD-40 On That Steak?

Two Ways To Stop Your NEXT Spouse From Demanding a Pre-Nup

1978 – The Word Picture That Turned My Life Upside Down

The REAL Truth About Network Marketing

The Boy Scout’s Oath

My Mentor – The Most Brilliant Marketer I Know …

Keep Your People Or Die!

The ONLY Person To Spend Your Time On

5. Do The ONLY Thing That Matters!

10 Mistakes Everybody Makes Selling Hamburgers

You’ve Got a TON of Homework Tonight!

Take a Bus Driver To Lunch

Work Smart – Fail Forward

Nail Your Prospect’s Passionate Sweet Spot

Color To Success

Saddam Hussein Meets Dr. Phil

Opportunity Has VERY Long Legs

A Concept That Changed My Life

YOU: Robo-Bonder!

6. Prospects Are Like A Box of Chocolates

The Charles Schulz Lesson

Anatomy of A Prospect’s Mind

“Think Like A Prospect” Quiz For You

Talk Their Talk & Walk Their Walk

7. Your MLM Business From Soup To Nuts

If You Want To Be A Winner, Raise Your Hand

The 8th Wonder of The World

Blues Just Want To Have Fun

Some VERY Bad Un-Fun

The Human Winning Machine

A System That Works

8. Pay Dirt! Get And Keep Your People

OK. I’m Not Tom Cruise. But I’m Not Elmer Fudd, Either …

The Dark Side of MLM

So What?

9. How To Evaluate An Opportunity

Your Ex-Spouse Was An Optimist

It Just SEEMS Like Brain Surgery

Best of BOTH Worlds

Last One In Is a Rotten Egg

Never Dedicate Your Life To An Inanimate Object

A Whole Lotta Connivin’ Goin’ On

Opportunity Hides In The Tall Grass

10. Focus Until Your Eyes Cross

Multiple Streams of Outgo

Assaulted Right & Left

How To Send Prospects Racing for the Exit

Go Ahead – Argue With Me!

How One Famous Company Drove Their Customers Away

Ambushed By Human Nature & Common Sense

What Your Prospects Believe

The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Universe, & Your Prospect’s Head

To Thine Own Self Be True

I’ll Get In Your Head & Under Your Skin

Let’s Get Illogical!

Never Underestimate The Cost of Logic

A Series of Harmless Decisions? HAH!

Yum, Yum, Yum!

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