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Randy Gage

Randy has been called “the Millionaire Messiah” because he believes that you are meant to be rich, and it is a sin to be poor! Through his prosperity workshops, books and CDs, he travels the world teaching that health, happiness, and wealth are possible for all who desire it. Randy reveals how to harness the power of thought and intention to manifest success in all areas of your life.

A former high school dropout, Randy rose from a dishwasher in a pancake house to become a multi-millionaire. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the principles he teaches to help empower people to their own prosperity. Today he is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent experts on prosperity. Randy has thousands of success testimonials from people everywhere.

Tim Sales

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge make him one of the most sought after advisors, speakers, trainers and creators of content in the industry. He’s delivered well over 10,000 presentations and training sessions to over 117,000 people all over the world. Tim’s signature training approach involves his ability to teach mastery of each component within the business. In addition, he possesses a clever capacity to simplify the most complex issues in the network marketing learning process.

His contributions to the Network Marketing Industry include the 1998 production of the Brilliant Compensation® Video and the online version which was released 1999. Over 1 million people have been educated properly about network marketing through Brilliant Compensation®. It has quickly earned the distinction of “the standard” by which all tools will be measured. Many other “Brilliant” products are in the works.

George Zalucki

Literally hundreds of thousands of people throughout the US, Canada, and Europe have heard George teach the Principles of Human Achievement. They have been enriched by his warm, but powerful and direct style of communication. He teaches from a vast experience base of success and adversity. He has the unique ability to talk to each person in the audience and relay to them personally. George has dedicated his life to helping others to grow professionally, financially and personally. If you are serious about building a successful business George Zalucki will be an invaluable reference for you!

It is today a matter of record that people have dramatically changed their financial and personal lives as a result of applying George’s teachings. You can too! George Zalucki can help you to break through your barriers to go from average to extra-ordinary. You can watch video clips to learn “The Principles of Human Achievement” at our “Network Marketing Personal Growth Training” section.

John Milton Fogg

John is an internationally recognized writer, author, editor, speaker, entrepreneur and a coach. His speaking has taken him up, down and around America and to Australia, Canada, China (Taiwan), Crete, Dubai, Iceland, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia and Singapore.

John founded Upline and Network Marketing Lifestyles (sadly and happily, they’re no longer…). He created the Upline Masters Weekends, was a Contributing Editor for Success magazine and is the founder of The GreatestNetworker.com. John is proud of being the author/editor of more than 25 books and tapes with over three million copies sold. The Greatest Networker in the World is the best-selling book in all of network marketing, at over one million copies sold. He was also the Editor in Chief for the industry publications Networking Times and TheNetwork MarketingMagazine.com. We All Need a Coach is his brain- (and heart-) child.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Author of the “Must Read” Big Al books, the Live in London & Sponsoring Secrets tapes, the Fortune Now newsletter, publisher of the Big Al Recruiting Newsletter, producer of the Power Marketing Principles workshops and funniest man to have ever build a downline of over 100,000 distributors.

Doug Firebaugh

Doug is CEO of PassionFire International. He is a successful entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years in the sales and Direct marketing field, and has been blessed to help multitudes of others break numerous records in performance by training people on how to “Maximize their Human Success Capital” that lies within them. He has been endorsed by Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn Intl, numerous CEOs of companies, plus many others, and has been featured in magazines, on radio talk shows and television on the subject of success. He has shared the stage with a literal whose who the speaking industry, including Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Denis Waitley, Tommy Hopkins, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, among many others. He co-partnered an organization for a direct marketing company that spanned the globe and produced tens of millions in sales.

Mike Dillard

From waiting tables, to millionaire in less than two years, Mike Dillard is one of those rags to riches stories that are known to spring from the network marketing industry.

After struggling for over 6 years, going into debt, and even pawning his possessions just to eat, he finally “cracked the code” when he discovered the art and science of “Magnetic Sponsoring” which teaches anyone, in any company how to attract endless new prospects and customers to them, with credit card in hand.

Today, Mike is considered the industry’s top authority on attraction marketing, internet marketing, and personal branding within the Network Marketing industry thanks to the ground-breaking strategies found in Magnetic Sponsoring and the MLM Traffic Formula course.

Over 100,000 entrepreneurs from over 65 countries have subscribed to his 10-Day Boot Camp Email Newsletter and the success stories continue to pour in from students who have learned how to generate more leads, more distributors, and more money using his “Magnetic” methods.

Max Steingart

In 1995, Max became involved with a network marketing company as the Internet was in the early stages of becoming popular. The first time he went online, he recognized the pivotal role the Internet would play in helping people connect directly with other people for every business. Before the term ‘social networking’ became household words he created a sales organization of over 7,000 people in less than two years. One of his greatest delights has been to see the success others have had using the system he has created.

If you’re looking on the Internet for someone who will appreciate the service you provide, love your products enough to buy them, recognize a great deal when they see it, and act on the terrific opportunity you put in front of them, Max can help you.

Ty Tribble

Ty Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur, former President of a Network Marketing company and six-figure Network Marketing earner who lives in Federal Way, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and recently contributed to a book about word of mouth and Network Marketing. Ty also authors three of the most influential blogs on the web on the subject of Network Marketing.

Kim Klaver

Dutch-born Kim Klaver (aka “Ms. Stud”) started out life as an academic, including stints at Harvard, MIT and Stanford. While working in franchise real estate, locating and setting up retail sites for major restaurants she met a charming young man who was earning close to $100,000 a month – in a business called network marketing. Kim had an epiphany. Today Kim has trained distributors from at least 70 different companies. Her events are standing-room-only shows that entertain while they educate

Rod Cook “The MLM Watch Dog”

Rod has a broad range of successful business experience as a conventional entrepreneur and consulting. He has owned top rated franchises and sold them at a profit. He has owned import/export businesses that were the tops in their category. He owned a successful machine shop and gun business. He has been an owner and a major stockholder in several MLM companies. He chooses to love MLM because it is the last opportunity in America for the “little” person who is in debt, hungry, and barely making it!

Michael S. Clouse

An internationally recognized Network Marketing expert, Michael has appeared on business radio shows, as well as the occasional television talk show. His weekly newsletter, Nexera e-News, is read by tens of thousands of Network Marketing Professionals around the world.

In addition to over 50 published articles on the subject of Network Marketing, Michael is the author of: Recipe for Success, Learning The Business One Story At A Time, The Fifth Principle, 28 Days To Your New Future, Mastering The Fundamentals, The Secret to Developing Leaders, Future Choice, Your Prospecting Toolbox, The Simple Art of Duplication, Thinking Your Way To Success, and Building A Better Life.

John Kalench

John Kalench is a highly respected trainer and international best selling author for the network marketing industry. Corporations, leaders and distributors around the world acknowledge his continued example of integrity, vision and commitment to the growing industry of network marketing.

John is perhaps best known as the author of Being the Best You Can Be in MLM, a book many consider to be the how-to benchmark of the network marketing industry. Hailed as an instant classic when it was first published in 1991, it has gone on to sell over one million copies worldwide in twelve different languages.

Michael Oliver

Michael is a much sought after and internationally recognized trainer and speaker, he communicates his message with energy and humor via TeleClasses, on-site workshops and speaking engagements. Distributors and salespeople love the ‘feel’ of his easy to use, customer oriented, communication ideas.

His company Natural Selling, has gained recognition as the leading ‘non-selling sales philosophy’ that is changing the way we view business and ourselves. Completely redefining what selling and business is all about, Michael demonstrates how changing the focus from a ‘self-centered outcome’ to a ‘customer-centered outcome’, and knowing how to do this in an effective practical way, is the essence of securing outstanding client relationships and elimination of personal stress.

Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is an accomplished author, orator , and international business leader with twenty-two years of applied Network Marketing experience. He has built a successful international distribution organization of more than 300,000 marketing representatives in twenty-one countries and is the co-founder of The Holy Grail of Network Marketing.

Mark has delivered presentations and speeches throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has authored and published several bestsellers, including Your First Year in Network Marketing, Self Wealth and Your Best Year in Network Marketing.

Todd Falcone

On Todd’s site, you’ll learn the very techniques that he used to go from being a frightened 22-year-old kid who knew absolutely ZERO about network marketing to becoming a multi-million dollar producer in a very short period of time. He will teach you the exact strategies and approaches that helped him progress from a sweaty, nervous wreck with cotton mouth to creating effortless production in my business.

Teresa Romain

Whatever it is, the abundance you desire already exists and is available to you – in fact it’s your birthright. You do NOT have to make it happen by yourself or create it on your own. You do NOT have to do anything to earn it or deserve it or be worthy of it. It is not always even necessary for you to work hard for it. Instead – you simply need to access it. Sound too good to be true? Go check her out…

Pamela Shaw

Pam attributes her accomplishments to the value in making conscious choices. This awareness, along with a “sincere wish to stay in God’s will” and an innate
love of people, has placed her on a path to spiritual and financial reward.

What does it take to mentor and develop 300 Independent Beauty Consultants and make room for self and family? Pam suggests that juggling so many responsibilities requires planning out the day by task and the amount of time it will take, being prepared and knowing exactly what you need to do when you have a spare moment. “You have to have the discipline to know exactly what you are going to do throughout the day,” she explains. “Many people lose out by not planning. Without planning ahead, they miss the opportunity while still trying to get organized. We are always making choices,” she concludes, “and the choices bring us results.”

Mark Wieser

Mark Wieser has trained thousands of network marketers through his resources like MLMSponsoringtips.com, and his training courses like “Black Recruiting” (co-created with Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame). As a coach and trainer to the industry, he has had the distinct privilege of teaching & helping networker’s across many different opportunities learn how to create greater success and lifestyle freedom.


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